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F SolidPod

F SolidPod
Freshly Cosmetics

F SolidPod is a smart applier case for a line of rechargeable gel and shampoo bars developed as an alternative solution to single-use packaging in the cosmetics and personal care industry.

The design offers a practical, portable container with an operation system preventing the bar from falling apart or slipping made from materials that wouldn’t foment bacteria growth.

Its ergonomic shape and fine aesthetic for all types of users includes a design system plunger that properly holds the bar, offering a more hygienic product that does not stick, is easy to transport and adaptable to all routines and contexts. 

Approaching the right solution

Once agreed to develop solid bars, we started investigating different containers to hold them. After researching different materials and techniques, we approached a potential solution: developing a rigid carcass for the bar to be “inserted” and helping it rise through a flexible tray. However, a circular shape wouldn’t work, as the diameter was too large for the hand to hold it comfortably. A triangular, rounded shape seemed to be ideal for gripping the product effortlessly and attachable between the fingers and the palm; a form easy to store and not very seen in the cosmetics world.
The sustainable vision

The F SolidPod reuses material likely to be recycled again and thanks to its durability and extended use over the years is highly sustainable; thus, minimizing waste and extraction and creation of virgin materials.

Both the applicator and bars generate a reduced carbon footprint, minimizing waste, extraction and creation of virgin materials in around 40%. The functional design also helps to reduce the use of plastics in traditional packaging; saving on weight and volume when it comes to storage and transport and making it more sustainable and cost-effective to distribute.
“The design offers a practical, ergonomic shape for all type of users and adaptable to today's life needs.
“Its functional design helps to reduce the use of plastics in traditional packaging”
Design: CuldeSac
Creative Direction: Pepe García
Creative Coordination: Inés Pey
Materials design: monomer tech
Client: Freshly Cosmetics
F SolidPod