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Future Retail

To accompany The Future Laboratory's report on Retail Futures, we created four contemplative store spaces, using the research findings as a springboard for ideas. The future forecasting company found that in response to the convenience of e-commerce, retail spaces are evolving into experiential destinations by elevating the senses and expanding the potential of physical store design.

Client: The Future Laboratory​​​​​​​
Design & Production: Zünc Studio
The report established the 'Four Es of Retail' to define a new framework for physical retail, guided by community-orientated services and sensorially charged, memorable experiences. Texture and hyperphysicality were central to our design decisions, moving away from the digital and lo-fi aesthetics of the online experience.
EMOTIONAL : Using design to transform how visitors feel
ETHEREAL : Transient, esoteric or otherworldly experiences
ENRICHING : Engaging the senses in adventurous ways
EXCLUSIVE : Hyperpersonal and engaging for the individual
Future Retail