Yays - Website

unlocking the neighbourhoods 
of Europe.


Yays combines the best of hotel hospitality and independent accommodations in an innovative aparthotel formula rooted in urban sustainability. Promoting the concept of #unlocktheneighbourhood, the brand has invited thousands of guests to feel at home in its turn-key serviced apartments while connecting with the local vibe and feeling like locals


The brand personality evolved over time to become more and more engaging, unpretentiously stylish, playful and friendly. However, the website was not able to convey this new brand personality. In addition, the user experience showed weaknesses as the user found it difficult to complete the flow.


To transmit this new brand personality that Yays had achieved over time, the visual style was worked on from scratch. To do this, we started working on different shapes, mostly rounded, which together simulated the map that Yays helps you discover in its places. The colour palette was adjusted to give it a fresher feel and Red Yays was included as the main accent colour. 

Moreover, the new brand website is designed to achieve a seamless pre-booking to booking experience, it's richer in inspiring content, Inside Stories (our new blog format) and useful information about the YAYS cities and neighbourhoods.

With all this work by the Good Rebels team, the new YAYS website breathes in unison with its brand personality.

Yays - Website

Yays - Website

The proposal by Muskae, a Good Rebels company, for Yays is a website that conveys an unpretentious, playful and friendly elegant personality, wit Read More