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    Casa da Música 2014 Annual Brochure
Casa da Música literally translates into english as "house of music". This "house" designed by the dutch architect Rem Koolhaas presents a vibrating, interesting and wide music program. 
Every year there's a country theme that defines some of the options the programmers take for that specific period. From Italy in 2013 with Verdi, Berio, Nono, to the United States in 2011 with composers like Steve Reich, John Cage or Phillip Glass, there has been a varied selection of countries passing by Casa da Música.
For 2014 the country theme selected by the programmers at the House turned into a bigger concept: the East. So we had to plan and design a brochure with the complete musical program for a "country" that goes from Turkey to Siberia, passing through China, Japan, Laos, Cambodia… the Orient.
Our approach to this theme was finding a way to communicate all these countries with very rich but also different cultures on a simple and clear way. Finding a common denominator became crucial. We did some research, joining the dots between eastern cultures and countries. The first idea that came on the table was of the rising sun as a symbol for the whole east. It's where the sun is born everyday single day. After some experiences another idea came to mind as a consequence of the sun: the shadow puppet theatre. From Turkey to Egipt, China, Indonesia, Cambodia and many other countries, the shadow puppet theatre has it's origin and roots in the East.
With this common denominator of the East in mind we highlighted 12 main events throughout the year and treat them visually as if they were a scene from a shadow theatre play. 
For the cover of the 2014 brochure we decided to have the sun shapes and allow the readers to detach them. By doing this, the reader brings light to day and end up having a shadow theatre layout.
The funny thing about the cover is that it wasn't supposed to work this way. A mistake happened and we ended up fans of. A big cheers to our production manager at Casa da Música.
Art direction: André Cruz
Graphic design: André Cruz, Sara Westermann, Rafael Oliveira, João Santos @ Casa da Música
Shadow theatre photos: Pedro Lobo