It’s an old wives’ tale that men don’t care about their health. That they’d rather lay low when things go wonky. Too lazy, too blokey, too proud. But today’s man is different. He’ll travel to the ends of the internet in search of self-improvement, but in the world of online health there’s a lot to navigate. Dodgy supplements, miracle cures and snake oil are rife.

Pilot was started in 2019 in Australia to offer men a new way to treat their health - one that was accessible, convenient and trustworthy. In the years since launching we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of men treat a range of conditions with our team of doctors and specialists. But with competitors (real and dodgy) on the rise we wanted to refresh our identity, repositioning our role in helping men take their healthcare into their own hands.

The new Pilot brand is built on two insights we heard again and again in our research. The first is that self improvement makes men feel really proud, and that when it comes to our health, there is no overnight fix. Lasting, sustainable change can only be achieved step by step. Which brings us to our brand idea: Level Up Your Health.

The visual identity reinforces this through our brand motion and design system to show a constantly moving upwards journey through different levels. We’ve introduced a new illustration style, influenced by technical drawings to help speak to our brand idea, conditions, and science. The logo, colour palette, imagery and typography have all been refreshed, with UI icons added to the toolkit to speak to the digital nature of the brand.
Overall this shift aims to capture Pilot’s ambitions to build deeper digital healthcare, driven by science and data, that will allow more people to change their lives and take control of their health.
Design & Art Direction: Eucalyptus
Illustration: Jason Solo
Photography: Tim Jones
Writing: James Aviaz
Multiple Owners
Olivia King