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Client: Mafas
Project: Wine Label Design
Photography: Bleam

Mafas, is a wine brand created by Quinta do Rochão. This vineyard is located in the heart of the Douro, in the village of Fontelas, where the strong traditions and memories of the work of the small property, dating from 1706, are present in every detail.
The hosts have a great pleasure in receiving and have a huge passion and knowledge for Portuguese cuisine. Here, all lunches and dinners are filled with traditional Portuguese cuisine, tasted in a room where comfort reigns and the memories of the house are in every corner, with a panoramic view of the surrounding vineyards.

We were invited to develop the wine design and it was with great satisfaction that we took on this challenge, since the Quinta is very well decorated and where everything is picturesque. Inspired by the Douro landscape and the environment that surrounds the House, we decided that the wine bottles should be part of the decoration of the space, where they could be a piece of art. We took the paints and brushes and started creating.​​​​​​​
Through large brush strokes, we created shapes that resemble leaves, paths, vegetation... In fact, we just wanted to convey sensations to the consumer and that he would look at the bottle as an integral part of the space. The brand is placed on the label as a signature, as if the artist had signed the work. The brand is placed on the label as a signature, as if the artist had signed the work. A handcrafted work combined with noble finishes, such as the gold stamping and the use of cotton white paper, which gives the label a premium identity.

For us it was a great feeling of freedom to be able to get off the computer and get our hands dirty! When art meets design, amazing things can happen.

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