Project year: 2002–2010
In-house project at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto
Programming and markup languages: HTML 4, CSS 2, Perl 5
URL: (no longer the same site)
Front page of the site. My role included the menu bar, the language switching functionality, integration of a scroller, the infrastructure to handle the news items and the various icons on the right side, and editing and translation of the copy.
The event listing, a complete redesign of the original static HTML pages that allows the visitor to interactively select the kind of events that they are interested in, by type, year, venue, or series.
The monthly view of the event calendar. Each day is marked with the corresponding date in the traditional Chinese calendar. Festivals and holidays are also indicated.
The course list was redesigned to match the printed course list
The algorithmically-generated site map
A typical page of the site