Rebel Coffee Roastery - Branding

In the belief that the act of rebellion is the main virtue of transformation, Rebel is a brand that, through coffee, expresses its own vision of art, design and culture of roasting.

We were challenged to create a visual identity for a brand with two segment variations. The REBEL coffee roastery and the REBELLE design.

The duality between the two segments would have to be present in the visual identity so that the branding of each brand communicates as a whole without detaching itself from the main concept.

Coffee was the main point of the whole concept. We explored the different visual aspects of coffee from type, color and grind. This allowed the creation of a gradient that served as the basis for the entire communication.
Starting from this spectrum, we developed an expansion design system. This approach allowed a strong connection between the different types of typography and gradients. 

Rebel Coffee Roastery - Branding