The National Trust does cater too all age groups, however in the modern world now they have been lost to the ever growing technology. Thus people now are spending more time indoors and not outside like 100 years ago: when Octavia Hill, the co-founder of the National Trust said “The need of quiet, the need of air, the need of exercise… the sight of sky and of things growing seem human needs common to all.” This is still head of the passion for the National Trust but its becoming transparent that the younger generation does not pay attention too. Its now time for a new ad campaign, one that drives home to the hearts of Britons and to show them once again the importance of nature, the beauty and the heritage. The new campaign will showcase artistic photography and exciting design trends along side the National Trusts traditional elements in design. The deliverables will range from flyers, newsletters and dramatic posters and billboards. 
By Lucretia Richmond and John Harris @