C R è M E   C A S H M E R E
personal project by MY BUREAU

TEAM: Marta Shpachenko, Andrey Shpachenko, Aleksandra Fadeeva, Aleksey Lisovski​​​​​​​
AREA: 120 sqm
YEAR: 2020

CONCEPT. Traditional style, cream tones, porcelain and glass, and comfortable lighting design are the main objectives of the Crème Cashmere [fr] project. The project was inspired by the clients themselves, a beautiful family with a young son. A new apartment is like a new stage of life. 

FAMILY AREA. The kitchen-living room is clearly separated from each other and at the same time combined. We succeeded in this solution in the form of a niche in which the kitchen area is hidden. In the dining room, there is a large table for 6 guests, surrounded by a non-standard showcase for dishes and decor. The living room is covered with two armchairs and a sofa, very traditional and elegant. Just what a small family needs.

GAMMA. Having started work on the project, we immediately determined that the best solution for our tasks would be a creamy light range. We chose milky shades for the color of the walls, decorative panels, and custom furniture. Brass in detail and calacatta marble helped us to dilute and add traditional meanings.

BABY ROOM. The children's room has become our favorite part of this project. The playroom is combined with a bedroom for a 3-year-old boy. And we immediately provided a large bed for the further growth of the child. A work area and a sports corner make this kids' room super functional. And the style of the whole interior echoes the general concept of the apartment.

PLANNING. In any of our projects, we try to separate the master block from the rest of the apartment. So we did it here. We managed to complete the master bedroom, dressing area, and master bathroom with a large tub bowl. We also have a make-up area in the bedroom.

MARBLE. The calacatta marble decor for this apartment is selected from the same collection, both for the wall finishes and for the custom furniture. We chose a polished stone to achieve the most festive mood and brilliance.

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