Uzbekistan Airways


Uzbekistan Airways

In 2019 on the eve of the anniversary of the establishment of the Uzbekistan Airways ASGARD Branding has presented its rebranding bid for the airline.

In 1991 after the USSR collapsed each of the former republics has founded its own national carrier. Uzbekistan Airways’ first concern was to create and implement unique visual style that would set it apart from the parent company. Soon enough the mythical bird Humo became the symbol for the company. It naturally migrated from the emblem of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Company’s aircraft livery also displayed elements of design of the national flag. That style became representative for the national carrier in all of the following years.

New style endeavors to bring company’s image in sync with consumer expectations by adapting the brand to contemporary competitive environment.

We began our development by looking at the visuals in connection with all of the identity attributes while taking into account numerous points of contact of the brand with the consumer. It goes without saying that one of the most important means of communication of the corporate identity is the aircraft livery.

Humo Neo

The job one was preservation of the original message of the key image. Totally reworked traditional bird symbol was brought into compliance with dominating graphic trends. From the static, horizontally placed it was transformed into dynamic soaring character. We’ve changed the angle for the bird’s head and now it looks straight ahead in the direction of the flight. This new symbol we call Humo Neo.

Changes resulted in the charismatic graphics with highly moving impact.

Jet Ikat & friends

Uzbekistan possesses rich cultural heritage. We proposed to employ world known pictorial traditions of the country harmoniously blended with our digital age. That gave birth to the attribute we call Jet Ikat.

Ikat or Khan-atlas is one of the most easily recognized symbols of Uzbekistan. As a base element for the corporate style of the company it would help to establish priority over other countries of the continent that might try to use it.

Being a flagship carrier among country’s airlines Uzbekistan Airways promotes values of the national culture. Variety of plant and geometric designs is reflected in demo versions of the aircraft livery. Additional graphics can be employed for the most effective marketing.

New identity New level of achievement

Well recognized company color pattern was renewed thus acquiring fresh appeal. By excluding the red and yellow from corporate style we achieved streamlined yet wholesome image that provides clearer communication with the consumer.

Stylish appearance elevates the brand of Uzbekistan Airways to the new level. Makes it truly modern and welcoming. The combination of traditions and modern graphic solutions allows you to create a strong and memorable brand that will decorate any airport in the world and provide a powerful marketing tool to expand into new markets.

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