The 50x70cm poster "Dr.Fail" is our participation for the SEEAR Exhibition 2013 themed "Superheroes".
The brief was to create a character and visualize him through a poster. 
The poster exhibits the origins of Dr.Fail through three basic timelines. Two of them are centered around his personal life and events, that inspired him to build machines and weird inventions, most of which failed miserably. The third timeline is focused on his relationship with Megumi, the girl who unwillingly broke his heart and transformed him to a super villain. 
The idea behind the poster is not to show the character itself, but instead allow the viewer, through an emotional association, to visualize the character based on similar experiences. The color theme and the choise of the data circle, was inspired by the character's japanese origin, which is enhanced by the use of english and japanese languages for the legend and text of the poster.
On August 6th 1945, at 06:00 Mrs. Yasu Ryouichi was on her way to the hospital in labor. At 08:15 she gave birth to her only son Ochiru Ryouichi. Ochiru had a natural inclination to science. He was fascinated by physics, chemistry and mathematics. He believed that only through them, one can make the world a better place. On September 15, 1968 everything changed. Ochiru met Megumi. Daughter of the most famous hero of the 19th century in Japan, Shun Suzume. Believing that it was difficult for Megumi to love him, he started experimenting with the laws of physics. Laws that no man has ever dared to tamper with. Unfortunately for him, everything went wrong. Megumi married Ochiru’s best friend, Daichi. After that, Ochiru used his knowledge for evil.
Dr. Fail was alive.
Creative Direction & Design / Photography
KEIK Bureau™

Marvel Comics


Date Designed
February 2013