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3D Motion

Living in a world full of sound experiences, we rarely think about what it really is. A physical phenomenon triggered by the oscillation of sound waves and representing the vibration of the medium - sound is often imagined as an ephemeral substance that is not amenable to visual perception.

Today, one of the main sources of non-natural sound are portable loudspeakers, becoming an indispensable attribute of our everyday lives. In our new film, we delved into the study of modern sound sources and their impact and their impact on the visual-spatial changes.
Evolution of acoustic systems

In the second half of the 19th century, humanity entered the era of electricity. The emergence of such terms as magnetic fields and electromagnetism contributed to the first developments of loudspeakers capable of transmitting voice at a distance of dozens of miles.
The big breakthrough in loudspeaker engineering followed in 1877 when American inventor Thomas Edison completed the development of a device recording and reproducing sound. The phonograph was a revolutionary invention that made humanity aware of the gramophone, gramophone, LP, and sound recording.
Attempts to achieve acceptable sound continued throughout the first half of the 20th century, until the technology called the "closed box" radically changed the history of loudspeaker development was patented. Using an enclosed casing for the devices allowed to reduce the acoustic noise and make the loudspeaker more compact.
A new era of technology development

By the beginning of the new century, an incredible leap in the development of acoustic technology happened. The commercial segment turned out to be overflowing with speakers of all shapes, sizes, and materials. Nowadays acoustic systems moved to a new stage and became a part of everyday domestic culture. Compact and functional, they often replace familiar elements of leisure time.
Our film

Reflecting on the theme of space and sound, we constructed a home space and explored the place of modern portable gadgets living inside.

Movable and fun, the speakers travel through the space and disperse the sound presented through thousands of multicolored particles. Connecting with each other, the speakers create a single acoustic field. Transforming designed interiors of laconic hues, the sound fills them with new paints and ignites life inside.

Creative Direction: 
Igor Sordokhonov

Art Direction: 
Anna Reshetnikova

Design, Animation:
Roman Eltsov, Anna Reshetnikova, Alexey Schipachev, Denis Unishkov, Daniil Makhin, Pavel Pitaev.

Graphic Design: 
Anastasia Suryaninova

Artyom Markaryan

Alexandra Kotova


Research / Volna

Research / Volna