Booku is my Senior Studio capstone project for University of Massachusetts Lowell, to achieve my BFA in Graphic Design. This project is a year long case study of research, development, design and promotion. 

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Reading is one of the world's most popular pastimes, able to transport people to different realms, perspectives and eras. With the tech age we're living in, bridging this traditional hobby with the modern world should be simple. Book clubs are great, a revolution in traditional women's freedom, why haven't they evolved? As a young professional, my schedule is packed with responsibilities that eat away into my time to relax and enjoy myself. Finding time to read is hard enough, add a scheduled meeting with other busy friends into the mix and it's almost impossible. Young working professionals need a platform that works around them, not the other way around.

Booku is an online book club platform for readers around the globe. It aims to reach those who love to read but feel they don't have enough peers around them to share this interest, or those who have a hard time following the schedules and methods of traditional book clubs. I have always been an avid reader, and those close to me either didn't hold the same desire to read, or we had different interests in topics and genres. This disconnect from one of the best aspects of being a bookworm – the discussions and interpretation – has always left a bit of an empty place in myself after finishing a great book. 

With Booku, that disconnect no longer exists. Just log on and join groups, forums and follow your favorite topics to get the most out of your reading experience. Find like minded people to connect with over your favorite hobby from anywhere in the world, all in the palm of your hand.  Booku is available as an app, with a desktop site to be used as your account base and where you can access more perks, like the subscription box with topical swag and goodies changing monthly. Finally with Booku, you have the opportunity to enjoy your favorite books after the last page.

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