Wabi Sabi Sound Design
Wabi Sabi Sound is an incredibly creative boutique sound design company that thrives on the unchartered and delivers an unparalleled passion and attention to detail.

Their high-quality work speaks for itself so for the website design, we focused on delivering an invitation into Wabi Sabi's unique process.

The concept for the website was to literally take visitors on a journey through the discovery of sound. Stylistically a combo Hieronimous Bosch & Monty Python. Imagine traveling to the Galapagos of the audial mind. Check out the videos of the gif animations we added on scrollover.
                                            Here's (WS founder) Andy Crushin' it on the wheels of eerrrrrr... wood.
                   Who knew that flying fish were so rude.
   Please be quiet as the blue horned geese exchange their mating calls.
Ahhh, the circle of life at work. Ear sharks attack!
        Because Black Bears can't breathe under water... duh.
   And to think she's doing it all in clogs.
"Time to dance with the universe. I could never handle a jail cell. You'll do this for me, won't you Johnny?                    Haven't I earned this much?"  -Bodhi  [Point Break]