The company's logo has gone through many changes in a short time. Most clients were not surprised by the logo change, but did not like the dated feel that every logo had. I chose to update the company logo and prove to clients that we are cutting edge by having three logo variations that allow for adapting to different layouts. Most firms have one layout they must make work, or consider when designing a layout. These logos continue to keep with the brand messaging while still giving the company a fresh look with every use. 
The company's former colors, orange, powder blue, seafoam green, and brown were dated and was not reflective of the company's new direction. Tasked with giving them a refreshed brand, I kept their original orange to give a nod to the past, but updated their colors to be brighter and more engaging. The text on the back helped to engage in conversations that can come off as both humorous and informative.
With the company focusing on being more environmentally conscious, the kraft paper envelopes were not printed on to reduce waste, shipping, and ink. The envelopes paper helped with security for sensitive documents. The adhesive labels (blue for #10 envelopes, orange for document envelopes and packages and boxes) were designed to be used in any multiple of requirements where the company information was to be obvious. On the envelopes, small packages, and boxes allowed for additiona security as a seal, and hold non-essential mailing information. Color coding helped to differentiate for those who were not accustomed to the system.