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Rubberman Eric

3D Art
My own original series of rubber men.  I really like dressing, 3D art and visual art, so I hope to combine them perfectly in my work, I hope you like it.

Trying to design geometric figurines as toys, with the ability to replace hair accessories and costumes with ham figures!!! (not lol, it's a rubber man)

This way of designing makes me more involved and makes me stick to different designs rather than studying a single area.

This prototype was a practice piece I did in March 2020 and it was fun to continue working on it for the first time in over two years.It's a way of designing that excites me and I love it.

↓Creative Exercises, 18 March 2020.↓
↓Redesign, April 2022↓
Hope to see your comments.
Rubberman Eric

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Rubberman Eric

At the moment I am still a student of design, so I want to add what I love in my everyday life to my designs. So you will see the character I cre Read More