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In 2021 I had the great opportunity to work on a design project with Xiaomi. Our collaboration was to create eye-catching wallpapers/images with different shapes and textures. I had the opportunity to explore light and dark mode imagery. I was able to work with abstract shapes and their different representations. We created 5 images and dark modes based on them. All the wallpapers are available for all Xiaomi users along with the tablet/PC versions. Three of the wallpapers are exclusively for Xiaomi CIVI phones. The product is very thin with beautiful finishes in different colors. 
Great experience with a great team involved! I'm very happy with all the results! Thanks! 

Creative Direction: Alan Lu
Design & Art Direction: George Stoyanov 

CIVI official wallpaper
Color options

Dark mode
Design and exploration process

Xiaomi Wallpaper Design
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George Stoyanov