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    Posters for an exhibition in Florence called "Less is more / Less is a bore".
The posterswere designed for an exhibition in Florence, organized by the president of AccademiaItaliana, Dr. Vincenzo Giubba. The subject of the exhibition was "Less is more/ Less is a bore". These are very popular quotes in the design world. Thefirst one is quoted by Mies van der Rohe, a radical minimalist, and the secondbelongs to Robert Venturi who has a more humanistic approach to the designprocess. In order tocapture this debate, I created two posters with their portraits. The Rohe'sportrait was a very minimal one, almost like a constructivist drawing. On theother hand, Robert Venturi’s portrait had more of a human touch. The posterswere placed as if they are looking at each other and still trying to decidewhich one is right :) As for me,both of these geniuses were right, and both of them were wrong at the same time.I think of designing as prostitution. We don't choose the style that fits to us,we choose what fits to the project so we can satisfy our clients, because atthe end of the day we get paid for those services :)
 Mies van der Rohe v.s. Robert Venturi
After the successful presentation at Florence, I was assigned to weld the 2 posters into one for the Skopje Exhibition. The result was a simulation of a playing card.