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Coffee Branding and Packaging Design for Blossom Coffee

Blossom Coffee

Year & Location
2021-2022, Melbourne, Australia.

Brand Identity, Logo Design, Packaging Design, and More.

Blossom Coffee, an esteemed Australian coffee roaster, brings the essence of Brazil's Cerrado and Carmos de Minas regions to discerning coffee enthusiasts Down Under. Crafted for the daily coffee connoisseur, Blossom embodies a lifestyle synonymous with the love of exceptional brews.

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Our mission was to sculpt a brand image that exudes refinement and quality, setting Blossom Coffee apart as a premier artisanal offering. 

The visual identity marries classic elegance with a contemporary aesthetic, resulting in a harmonious blend that captivates and invites. At its core, the logo boasts a seal of excellence, featuring a meticulously crafted monogram derived from the brand's initials, B and C. Bold, striking stripes command attention, especially on packaging, elevating the brand's presence and allure.

Color plays a pivotal role, infusing vibrancy and character into the brand while aiding customers in navigating the diverse coffee offerings.

From rich, earthy tones to vibrant pops of color, each hue is thoughtfully selected to complement the diverse array of coffee varieties available. Positioned among the crème de la crème of coffee roasters, Blossom Coffee proudly presents a high-end, sophisticated aesthetic that resonates with coffee aficionados seeking unparalleled quality and taste.

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Coffee Branding and Packaging Design for Blossom Coffee


Coffee Branding and Packaging Design for Blossom Coffee