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Chimera Promotions Team: Matt Blaisdell, Ashley Lulkovitz Matt Fuller, Kelly Gabor Logan Craig, Brandon Lamm Becky Ficcardi, Andrew Considine
Promotion Team:
Matt Blaisdell, Ashley Lulkovitz
Matt Fuller, Kelly Gabor
Logan Craig, Brandon Lamm
Becky Ficcardi, Andrew Considine
For the 2013-2014 school year at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, the Promotions Team focused their efforts on advertising the submissions event and Annual Soiree. In addition to promoting events and the journal, we developed the Soiree collateral such as the program booklet, ticket, posters and overall brand development. In total, 500 programs and tickets were designed, handcut and put together by the team of eight.
Branding Specifics:
The typefaces we used to brand this year's promoational materials was Gotham and Archer or various weights and sizes.
The Chimera logo, which was originally developed prior to this year was a full combination of the beast as a whole. We decided to dscect the beast and display the animals in their original form. Along with displaying the animals, we associated each with a respective part of the program; the Lion for 2D & 3D Art, Serpent for Literature and Goat for Film and Animation. 
Our final job for 2013-14 is to create a promotional poster for the release of our journal and fully develop the website that displays the work of every journal. 
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