Adrián Dooran and the Bliss Team, asked for a soundtrack for this DC.

I propose 3 different ideas for the second part of the vieo, because we were not totally sure about the style that would fit better, and there were multiple options that could work nice.
The first idea (just a test) was around mediterranean vibe.
Second Idea, was about bringing the music of a modern beach bar, with some caribean and reggaeton elements. But I though it was a bit dark, and the luminosity and mood of the piece, in my opinion was not in that place. So I choose to try a last option, the one you can listen in the videos, something around the style of garage and surf tunes. And I think it was in line of what I expected to listen on this piece in the first time.
Sometimes iteration is needed to be sure what is (at least for you) the best path.
Client Nestea
Year 2021
Client Nestea
Agency McCann Spain

Production Company BLISS
Executive Creative Director Gerardo del Hierro
Executive Producer Maria Soler Chopo
Director Adrián Dooran
Producer Sara Camacho
Animation Director Olov Burman
Storyboard Artist Antonio López, Alba Galván
Editor Aitor Bigas
Character Designer Maroto
Modeling Bernat Martínez
Rigging James Do Carmo
3D Animation Olov Burman, Helio Takahashi, Carlos Arandia
3D Sim Pol Soler
Look Development Oriol Massana
Lighting & Render Simon Glas
Packshot Marc Urtasun
Compositing Karen Weiss, Dani Folch, David Martí, Héctor Cornelles
Color Grading Marc Morató @Metropolitana
Music & Sound Design Aimar Molero
Voice Recording The Lobby

Live Action Production Company CANADA
Live Action Director MANSON
Nestea Van/Beach
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Aimar Molero Music & Sound Design

Nestea Van/Beach


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