year / 2013
location / Copenhagen, Denmark
team / Marko Lazic, Spasoje Radomilovic and Predrag Vujanovic

Knot — Stands for intertwining of different people — their fates, thoughts, wishes, hopes. Place where people meet, a social playground, square without square. Multifunctional pavilion designed for various events and games. Knot consists of three cubes, each on different levels — promenade, lower bank and water. It feels as if all elements belong together as one, unable to function apart from each other. It is on passers to choose their own path and start interacting with other people. They are not limited as in conventional two way streets. Style is sharp, energetic, chaotic, yet in perfect balance, a combination of lights and shadows, white and black. The simple forms produce an unequalled effect. Knot represents pure philosophy of simplicity and essentialism. Depending of people's cre-ativity, pavilion develops and melts with society and surroundings. Knot allows people to pick its typology and function and use it on their own manner. 
In central axis of the pavilion passerby have a choice! Leave and go back in the safety of his shell or just cross the bridge as silent walker with no connection with other people. Or he will stay, turn around himself and explore? Walk down to the water: touch the nature in the heart of the city or go to the higher level towards light and spirituality? Maybe he will just stay, enjoy the object and replenish his batteries. Pavilion represents knot, inner battle of the individual with himself, other people, nature.