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Forage Project Portfolio
Forage is a serious and honest community that has been in the development process for almost a year, which will become one of the fastest growing and highest quality Minecraft servers in a relatively fast time, because Forage is truly the highest quality Minecraft Project on the entire platform. For each of our projects, we are focused and dedicated to maximize what we can add and we always try to do everything in the best interest of our community.

At the very beginning of this project, it was never planned to be this big, but we expanded - at first the idea was for this to be a small entertainment server that will only have the Hunger Games game mode, but the whole team saw how much potential Forage and the team working on it have so it was decided to turn this small project into something that over time will become the best and most played server on the Minecraft
platform. Forage is proud to provide the best Minecraft experience for all players because we convincingly have the best quality compared to the competition for the reason that every detail is taken into importance. There are several teams working on the project that have a lot of previous experience on successful projects, so they know how to make something unique out of every detail. Each department has its own team; Builder Team, Designer Team, Developer Team - and each team is led by Operations Officers and Founders - alexh303 and Volina. In addition to all the teams, there is a management team consisting of several managers where everyone has their own task; Staff Manager leads and controls the entire Staff Team and ensures that the whole project is secure, Marketing Manager has the task to communicate and form partnerships with content creators, Socials Manager is there to organize and lead all our social networks.

Our main goal is for Forage to be the highest quality project and to provide the best Minecraft experience, as well as to be the #1 server on the Minecraft platform. Forage now has 3 game modes; The Forest, Hunger Games, and Bedwars - just to start with. Our creative team has too many good and unique ideas for the next game modes that will be very popular and awaken the desire of players to come and play on Forage.

Forage game modes are currently available on all gaming platforms but are best optimized for PC - over time we will add game modes that will be optimized for all platforms.

The Forest is an adventure game in which players begin their journey in a beautifully built forest with several villages where NPCs and all other activities are located. They are first greeted by a simple tutorial for understanding the features themselves, which covers the basic tasks that the player must master before embarking on an adventure on their own. When the tutorial is finished, player summons into the forest and their adventure really begins.

Players quickly fall in love with the game because they are enchanted by the compelling story told through custom modeled NPCs. The story, as well as the quests that each character requires from the player, give the player a sense of direction and endless playing time. Players start with nothing and have to be resourceful and find their own way to earn coins and make a big networth. Survival skills are essential and can gain value by growing crops that can be sold for coins, cutting down trees, mining rare ores and many other fun activities. Although each player follows the story individually, they can be helped by a number of other players besides them. The server offers several exciting features such as trading and auction house to buy, sell and exchange valuable goods and resources. However, these are not the only features, The Forest offers countless comprehensive features that provide a truly magical experience. These characteristics lie within each unique NPC that tells its own story while contributing to the main task. A lumberjack collects wood, a farmer buys crops and sells tractors, a blacksmith upgrades your tools, a wizard enchants your valuables and much more!

The whole game is a dynamic system that relies on various factors for work, the mine and shops are open only certain hours of the day, NPC tasks and offers change periodically, the price of emeralds varies every 15 minutes, etc. the forest represents endless possibilities for our fan base; play through a constantly changing story, complete countless tasks, win places on the leaderboard by making coins, collecting cosmetics, unlocking pets and much more!

In case players want to take a break from The Forest, they can play in our other game modes, Hunger Games or Bedwars. Hunger Games is a fast PVP game mode with several detailed maps. Once players choose their desired map, they can vote on the amount of hearts, item loot, time and other factors for the round of play. Before the round begins, players can also choose one of their unlocked kits, which are not like typical hunger game kits. Instead of giving players improved weapons or armor, kits give players special abilities to give them an advantage in the round. In addition to endless fun, players strive to win, get coins, collect cosmetics and reach the rankings! While BedWars, on the other hand, is no ordinary popular Bedwars but much more interesting and unique - in addition to providing unique custom weapons, NPC models and minions, Forage Bedwars is different because all maps are surrounded by an ocean whose water is poisonous!
In addition to the fact that Forest has a beautiful map, there is a guide map to help players on their adventure. 
For each of our projects, we look to be modern and in line with the times - which means that we launch each of our projects on all social networks and make it as active as we can.​​​​​​​

Forage Discord - click here
Forage Social Networks - Twitter  Youtube  Instagram  TikTok

The network also has many ways of earning revenue. Our main way of generating income is through our website which allows players to make in-game purchases and donations. Players can buy server ranks, cosmetics, currencies, and much more. 

Forage Store - click here​​​​​​​
We have big plans for the near future that will also make a big demand on the minecraft platform. Our team thinks that these are great ideas to attract the attention of everyone.

Some of the ideas for the following gamemodes are:
- Mafia Gamemode would be truly unique because it would give players freedom - in the sense that they can make their own story, their own character, their own way of income and much more. Basically there would be various possibilities such as car showrooms, car resale, weapons factories, drugs, making your own companies, casinos, home invasions, bank robberies and much more.
- Wall Street Stocks Gamemode is focused on being located in buildings and offices where the primary features will be stocks and crypto currencies where players will work on them.
- Minecraft Metaverse World Gamemode mostly this is something like Mafia gamemode, only here the focus is on building your character and chill instead of actions - also every player can make their own NFT.
- Atlantis Underwater World Gamemode is located in Atlantis underwater and players have the opportunity to explore ocean values, fight with different bosses, do quests and much more.
- Mars Exploring Gamemode is located on Mars and the focus is on exploring it.
- Space Wars Gamemode also has a lot of potential because it gives the player a lot of freedom, a large number of planets where each planet has its benefits and certain resources, a fight between aliens and much more.
- and many more..

As for other ideas, we plan to make a lot of partnerships with a lot of Content Creators where they will have their Vanilla Survival Server on the Forage platform and where they will also play and promote Forage.

Our whole team works together with a lot of passion to improve the graphic design of the whole project in the best possible way to make it look as realistic as possible in order to show our players how much we try to make Forage the best.

Forage is a team of talented individuals who work hard on revolutionary projects where every project will be brought to its perfection. As a team we support each other. When we see that someone is struggling with a problem, we consider it our problem as well, so that we all unite together to solve it. We focus on the results, as well as the processes used to achieve them. We choose to be engaged and we believe that engagement is a choice, it is not something you achieve or gain on a certain day or within a certain time - engagement is an ongoing process that requires individual effort and dedication.

For additional information, please visit our support site.
Players will be able to contact us on our support site or on the forum but the best way for now is via email or in our discord support channels. 

If you would like to check out the server, the server can be found on Minecraft multiplayer under the following server IP address:
Forage Project Portfolio
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Forage Project Portfolio


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