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Unique & Divers: Celebrating Diversity In Image and Word
Toléde (tolerance and education) is a citizen and independent French nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote responsible citizenship, dialogue among cultures, and a celebration of diversity (ethnic, religious, gender, disability, age). Toléde aims to promote diversity as a source of wealth. Unique & Divers is the initiative of Toléde, it is a book of 46 photographic portraits taken by Fabien Lemaire of 46 prominent French figures like Rama Yade, Pascal Duquenne, Firmine Richard, Christophe Girard, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Frederic Taddei, and Yamina Benguigui to name a few.
The book focuses on people whose work and career accomplishments have contributed to promoting respect for social diversity. Some of the people featured in this book are widely known and others are not, they are diverse in many ways and thus provide a fitting representation for the cause this book aims to promote. Lemaire created sincere and accessible portraits of the personalities featured in Unique & Divers. Each of whom shared a personal message on the topic of tolerance of differences and respect for diversity through hand written messages accompanying their photo. The text of Unique & Divers was written by Benoit Gautier who beautifully captured and celebrated the uniqueness of each of the 46 personalities and the diversity shared by all of them together as a microcosm of French society.

tolède association
tolede association is a french non profit organisation whose mission is to promote diversity. Tolede sets up every years a conference gathering people in culture, politic & association area in order to celebrate diversity for a better society. This event had the official support of French President Nicolas Sarkozy and in 2010, the association receives the Unesco label. tolède published the book « Unique & Divers » to promote the « Diversity Forum ».. We made a special exhibition of the 46 portraits. The project started in march 2009 and ended up in september 2009. For 2010, the association wants to renew the formula and will publish another book gathering people on the same topic but worldwide.

Somogy edition
Somogy is prestigious publisher, one of the best art book houses in France. They are specialized in art and culture with high quality of print. Somogy publishes exhibition catalogs for National Museums of France such as Le Louvre, or the Quai Branly Museum... http://www.somogy.net