Corporate events are as much fun as they sound, but we do try to make them look good.

I've done my share of the websites and email campaigns promoting seminars, lunches, meet & greets and conferences (please see also SugarCon project in this portfolio) and here is a sampler.
Yearly spoof of Dreamforce,  a competitor's flagship event, which coincided with Christmas in 2010. 
The microsite was a companion piece to a guerrilla marketing event that was staged at Moscone Center in SF, with Christmas carolers singing lyrics critical of The web site was later updated with embedded video that can be viewed here and included comparison tools like a feature comparison matrix and TCO calculator. (I had also designed and adopted a javascript for a savings calculator.) 
2009 anti-salesforce campaign was a rebuttal to Marc Benioff's ('s CEO) book "Behind the Cloud" that had just been published. Free books that were full of satire and questioned salesforce being a true cloud-based solution were distributed near Dreamforce. The books were called "Behind the Smoke Screen" and looked almost identical to the real thing. Website was an extension of the campaign that explained the differences between salesfoce idea of a cloud and SugarCRM's. The call to action was to "Get out of Data Jail Free" and migrate from Salesforce to SugarCRM.
This page allowed to calculate savings after migrating to SugarCRM from
Fall 2008 campaign was all about bailout, of course. It intended to reflect the mood of belt tightening in business and stressed lower TCO of SugarCRM over The stark design was chosen to emphasize the gravity of the situation and look as an official news site.
Microsite for a one-day seminar series. I designed the logo and branding for this recurring roadshow event, emphasizing not only the nature of being on the road, but also accelerating business by selecting a CRM that offers little upfront costs or resources and fst user adoption. 

This is an example of a one-page layout for CRM Acceleration in India in June, 2011. The navigation and overall structure of the page is highly inflexible and provided by the underlying event management application, etouches.
Microsite for a business lunch. I designed the logo and look and feel staying within SugarCRM color scheme. Again, I applied my own theme to the navigation and overall structure of the page which was provided by the event management application, etouches. 
Event Microsites

Event Microsites

Corporate events are as fun as they sound, but we do try to make them look good. I've done my share of the websites and email campaigns promotin Read More


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