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    The La Trobe Art Institute was created in 2013 with the intention of becoming Australia's premier regional art school. This page is a selection … Read More
    The La Trobe Art Institute was created in 2013 with the intention of becoming Australia's premier regional art school. This page is a selection of the writing and material from the branding guidelines designed by Tyler Hendy, that was selected by the director of LAI to be used. Read Less
Welcome to the La Trobe Art Institute (LAI) brand guidelines.
This branding and identity guidelines were selected to be used by the Director of LAI. 

LAI is a corporate, strong and elegant styled organisation that is synonymous with art, design and culture.
This document contains everything you need to know about how the LAI brand should be used throughout all aspects of the branding and marketing ensuring it remains consistent throughout.

Using the brand correctly is extremely important to us. We ask that the guide is always referred
and adhered to. We hope you enjoy getting to know our brand. 
Variation 1
Variation 2
Logo Components
The basic component of the LAI branding consists of two elements: The symbol and the typography. Depending on the application and size of the given medium, there are two different variations of the logo. 
Variation 1 is for documents which are primarily vertical.
Variation 2 is applied to items which are primarily horizontal.

This allows the identity of LAI to be applied to a variety of mediums and have it sit appropriately within its context regardless of the format that it is placed within. 
Technical aspects
The breakdown
1. A demonstration of the even distance between each stroke, horizontally, which additionally is the same width as the given stroke. This makes for a strong, rigid look.
2. We see the same technical application of spacing and line width as we did with No.1. The vertical elements of the design has each line the same width and the and distance between it, and the next line. In some cases, the distance is twice the space, this allows the logo to remain square.
3. The spacing between the final of the 'L' the bowl of the 'A' and the ear of the 'I' are all the same;
Moreover it is 4 times the space between the bottom of the pictorial element and the lettering.
To maintain balance between the two lines of text, there is a space of two of the given measurements. 
4. The horizontal length and vertical length of the logo. This is the primary reason the pictorial element is able to be square, allowing an ability to be rotated depending on the given desire and/or effect. 
Primary Typeface: Gotham
Gotham Bold is the font used for the LAI logo for both variation 1 and variation 2. This is primarily used for headings in documents and stationary.
Secondary typeface: Mercury
Mercury Display Roman should be used for body copy. If a subheading is required on a document Mercury Bold should be used. This keeps a consist look within all aspects of the LAI identity.
The Do's and the Don'ts
The Do's.
As a guide, always leave a suitable amount of space
around the logo the colour or place that it sits. 
Variation 1. Minimum width 20mm
Variation 2. Miniumum height 20mm
The Don'ts.
Never change the logo typeface
Never change the spacing between the letters (Tracking).
Never squash the logo horizontally.
Never squash the logo vertically.
Never lean left or right.
Never allow the logo to be lost onto a colour that is the same as itself.

Colour scheme & using photos with the logo
The branding of LAI uses 3 primary colours; PANTONE Red 0321 C, black and white. This ensures a strong brand and recognisable imagery. LAI has a very particular look for its duo tone imagery which can be noted below. 
Variation 1
Variation 2
Placing the logo on colour images
When placing the logo on top of an image use the white logo, taking into consideration text size and legibility. Consider placement of the logo which we recommend is centred in the image. 
Variation 1
Variation 2
Stationery has been made to regulation standards. The colour and patterns used are the primary colours and a mix of both logos, depending on the format in which it is placed. The iPhone and iPad represent application user interfaces for smart phones and tablets where users can find news and updates that are relevant to the staff and students of LAI.
When applying the logo to buildings or general signage the space it is being placed into must be taken into consideration. This will allow for the correct variation of logo to be applied, allowing for maximum legibility/size. The sign should always fit into the context in which it is placed. 
Variation 1
Employee uniforms
Shirts and t-shirts are the preffered uniforms for employees; each garment should be chosen appropriately represent the area of the workplace. We expect the 'front of house' employees to wear shirts and back of house to wear tshirts. Displaying elegance and professionalism is a must within the LAI environment.
General student uniform
The casual clothing seen below will be sold to students in the student union or within the lobbies of galleries. Gallery employees are not to wear the casual clothing whilst at work. 
The LAI van will be used for deliveries, as well as a means of transportation within work hours for employees allowing for promotion of the institute in a variety of places.
Promotional goods
These company assets are used to promote LAI at corporate events, exhibitions, open days, information nights and at university campuses. 

1. Ballpoint pens
2. Carry bag
3. Wine bottles

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