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Freedom Grams

What got them in prison can now get them out. 
While most people in the U.S. enjoy the benefits of cannabis legalization, 40,000 are still in prison for it, forgotten by the public. Freedom Grams is a cannabis brand that makes consumers aware that others are still in prison for amounts they can legally buy today. All proceeds fund legal action to get them out.

Founded by members of the cannabis industry AROYA and GABY Inc. along with nonprofit Last Prisoner Project, Freedom Grams is a platform for the cannabis industry and its consumers.
Anyone can submit cases of people they may know who are facing this injustice and feature them on the Freedom Grams platform.
Anyone, from growers to retailers, can join the initiative and use the Freedom Grams label on their products to collect funds for Last Prisoner Project.

The design system is based on prison bars from which generative typography literally breaks free, symbolizing the project’s theme of liberation.

The custom variable type has two fonts, extended and condensed, with each character constructed from two perspectives  from inside the grid and outside. This visualizes the contradiction between the treatment of consumers and those in prison.

Users can explore more data on the website, with all cases, more information and ways to act like submitting cases, signing petitions, and engaging with grassroots action groups.

The custom label generator and type tool uses generative design to produce labels based on user-submitted data.

Anyone can share the interactive labels from the website freely and easily with the open-acess embed codes.

The individual stories can be explored on the packaging itself through an AR filter.

The editorial on the website features evocative photography on cannabis consumption and prisons in the U.S.

Freedom Grams enables consumers to use their freedom to free others.

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Find out how you can act to support the initiative and free cannabis prisoners.

Freedom Grams - Branding, Type Design, Web, AR