Sinfini Music
Universal Music Group launched Sinfini Music a popular classical music site seeking to ‘cut through classical’. The old site had ballooned with content so consulting with the editorial team and interpreting site usage data.

I made it more navigable with category pages (features, listen, watch, reviews), sub navigation and site-wide with colour coding.
Category Pages
The category pages present a teaser for each sub-category to encourage the user to explore further content
Features page divided into ordered categories showcasing most recent or highlighted features with a link through to view each category of feature in its entirety.
Reviews page feature star ratings and group different types of review
Listen page integrates Spotify playlists into a carousel
Watch page allows videos to be played from within the carousel
Article page. This example shows all available element types. Images & widgets in the left hand column lock at the top of the screen until the next item pushes it out of view.
Generic Sinfini Music Page, showing new header with range of interactions
Email  field expands when active
Facebook active
Twitter active
More menu active
Search box expands when active
Predictive search, categorised.
Subscribe button becomes field for email address & submit button when active
Default state: subscribe button
Active state: email address field & submit button
I created a template to produce a range of different promos using the extensive Sinfini Music palette.
Sinfini Music

Sinfini Music

Improve usability on this classical music site, opening up the large archive of content.


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