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Thrupoint Mobility

Thrupoint Mobility

🗓️ 2012   ✏️ UX Design

VoIP app designed by RDUX for Thrupoint, an IT services and consulting company in San Francisco. Mobility is a bit of a misnomer as it has nothing to do with physical movement and is simply a product name of one of Thrupoint's many offerings.
Design Process

Client Workshop

We were working on several products in Thrupoint's lineup and held a 4-day workshop to analyze the company's business goals, users, success metrics as well as a deep dive of Mobility app itself.

The team created a competitive overview to compare how Thrupoint fits within the current market and discover areas of improvement.

We spent a significant amount of time analyzing the company's existing customer segments and converted them into personas to drive more empathy.

Throughout several weeks, we producted wireframes that we constantly iterated on with the help of a continuous feedback loop from the client and their users.​​​​​​​
Visual Directions

As standard practice in RDUX, we provided 3 design options. This is usually followed by a few rounds of iteration until a consensus is reached before full-scale production of all deliverables begin.
Post Mortem

 Workshop very effective
 Great team work + engagement + communication
 Effective sign-off process
 Final result is polished, unique, and well thought out
⛔ Under-estimated some product complexities
⛔ Deducing decisions vs. discussions led to rework

Thrupoint Mobility


Thrupoint Mobility


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