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    In January 2014 LAK.project invited me to vist Russia to give talks and run masterclasses in illustrative design.
In January 2014 LAK.project invited me to vist Russia to give talks and run  masterclasses in illustrative design.
The first workshop was in Moscow at ArtPlay, I then to Yekaterinaburg for a second 2 day workshop.
First, obligatory Kremlin visit :)
Presentation and Q&A at ArtPlay the evening before the workshop started
Moscow - ArtPlay -18-19.01.14
The Russian winter can be very cold, as low as -28 while I was there. Can you spot the under-dressed guy from Ireland? :))
Yekaterinaburg 23-24.01.14
One of the students made this for me:)))
Happy group shot in Yekaterinaburg
Some blogs posts about the workshops by the students
Anna Shalom http://jeansun.livejournal.com/81976.html
Helga Gon http://helga-gon.livejournal.com/38334.html
Nastasia Khudyakova http://makovayafeya.livejournal.com/34778.html
Ezova Denisova http://www.ezovadenisova.ru/2014/01/workshop-with-illustrator-steve-simpson.html
irina stepanova http://kefir-junkie.livejournal.com/196547.html
I had several magazine/blog Interviews during my visit
What The Pack inteview: WTP 
interview with 365 mag
interview with llustrilla.ru
I was also invited to give a small presentation at the ad agency, DEPOT
LAK.project were very good to organize several TV interviews.
Below are a few screen gabs and links
Interview on RT network in English
One TV crew out came to film the workshop
I was interviewed on TV channel, VESTI
A live interview on TV Rain (the Optimistic Channel)
I'd especially like to thank Eugene, Anton and Katerina for taking such good care of me during my visit:)
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Thank You :)