Het Zorgspel (The Care Game)

🗓️ 2018   ✏️ UX Design   🎲 Board Game

Het Zorgspel is a simple board game designed to facilitate an interesting and interactive discussion about healthcare during meetings with different parties. It also provides insight into which existing solutions and services are relevant for certain target groups and identify what's missing.

Design Process

Roamler Care wants to disrupt the healthcare industry (specifically homecare) through our crowd-sourcing capabilities. We would often meet with different stakeholders (caregivers, healthcare providers, patients and their loved ones) to learn about the problems they currently face and how we can help.

An issue we discovered was that each party is often trying to solve the same problems but exist in their own bubble and not really coordinating with each other.

We came up with an idea to create a simple board game. The aim of the game is to get different parties to talk to each other and gain insights about each others obstacles and possible solutions. For Roamler, it's a great way to learn what people think about existing solutions and services and identify areas of opportunities. It also serves as a fun ice-breaker to kick off the meeting.

Competitive Analysis

We looked at existing solutions and products in the market that is catered towards improving home care. The idea was to give players a certain amount of "fake money" similar to Monopoly that they can spend on these products and solutions. It would then give us an idea of how much value people see in them.
Prototypes and Testing

We started with paper sketches and tested it out within the team first. After several iterations and tweaks to the rules, we tested it out with colleagues from other departments. We made a few more adjustments after finally testing it out with real users and receiving some good feedback and suggestions.
An early prototype where the rules were a bit more complicated

The game was well received and succeeded in its goal to facilitate discussion and gain valuable insight. We even received requests for copies of the game so we created a landing page where anyone can download the game for free and learn about the rules.
Het Zorgspel


Het Zorgspel