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    Identity developed for a photojournalist. The project includes print media, web design and logo.
Adriana L. Fernandez - Identity
One of my favorite photographers Adriana L. Fernandez. She is a Venezuelan photojournalist; that seeks new experiences that can be documented and used as a medium of communication and expression. 
The project included a logo, business card, an up-to-date portfolio book, webdesign and other promotinal material. Adriana's photography communicates danger, remote locations and some hidden messages allowing the viewer to make its own history with each image. This idea was translated to the overall design through the dark yet contrasting color pallete and typefaces that also emphasize this concept through shape and form.
Typographic Choices
Color Palette
"Photography then makes me live a little bit more, I couldn't be certain if better, but definetly more" - Adriana L. Fernandez
Adriana L. Fernandez
Parque Central. Caracas, Venezuela.
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