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    A step by step of a knife I made
I got a Karesuando knife set for christmas.
Basically it includes a blade with a tang, brass collar, a piece of antler and a piece of birch for the handle.
I used to love making throwing knives in years past out of everything and anything, but this was my first proper attempt at making a knife.
Myself and my father set to getting it done, because he has all the tools and loves making stuff too.
After much warning from Da that I would cut myself on the blade if I wasn't careful, he then proceeded to cut himself.
After drilling out the birch to fit the tang, it didn't fit, you were supposed to drill it so that it could and then fill the space with glue, but we said to bolox to that and decided, "It nearly fits, lets boil it to make it soft and then hammer it on"
Which we did and it did, now I am sure God himself could not remove that handle.
We also ruined Da's coffee thing which was nice.
You are supposed to cut the last inch or two off the timber to make the handle, but I have a big hand so I made it to fit.
Now it looks a little odd because the handle is so long compared to the blade, but who cares, it's my knife.
I started with a chisel to remove most of the extra wood and then employed a broken old grinder to take it the rest of the way.
By the way, I don't know if you have ever put antler on a grinder, but the smell is very interesing.
It is exactly the same as the smell you get when a dentist is drilling your teeth, but far more pungent, which is a little difficult to deal with, even for me, because I usually like that smell.
OOOOOH she begins to take shape.
After much much much much sanding
Finished sanding WOOOOOOOO
I used a bit of sponge to add several layers of linseed oil just to seal the wood and isn't she pretty, I think so.
There is still one job to do, which is make the sheath, there is plastic insert with a piece of letter and thread and everything to do this in the kit, but I think that will be a project all of its own.
So until then!