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Commercial Still Life Photography - Dossier Perfume
Commercial Still Life Photography - Dossier Perfumes

Introduction to the Project:
This photo was shot for GIT 384 - Commercial Photography. The prompt was to shoot photos for a product of our choice with props that tell a story about the environment/lifestyle the product can be found in.
My Process:
I chose one of my favorite perfumes from Dossier that has an orange blossom scent. I associate a smell like that with nature, art, and warmth, so I found props in my dorm that would fit those terms. 

My prop list includes
-dried mandarin slices
-yellow sunglasses
-artist's dummy
-potted succulent
-salt lamp
-faux vines

In the studio, I found a stone patterned mat to lay my items on, and arranged my props around the perfume in a way that was balanced yet organic. It looks like a collection of items that could be found on a desk of an artist studio or something of the like. For my lighting, I stuck with one soft box to give off the illusion of a table lamp's glow. I used the salt lamp itself as secondary lighting. It didn't shine onto any of the props, but it lit up the salt lamp with a nice warm glow.

Figuring out a lighting and layout setup that I liked was difficult. I tend to like clean, organized images so letting loose a little and inviting some "clutter" into my shot was something new for me. Partway through the shoot, the lightbulb in my salt lamp broke, so I had to improvise and shine my iPhone flashlight behind it to get some light to shine within.

The editing of the final image was minimal. I increased the texture and clarity to get some more details in the mandarin slices and the lamp, as well as increased the warmer tones to really drive that temperature home.
Commercial Still Life Photography - Dossier Perfume


Commercial Still Life Photography - Dossier Perfume