What Companies Use React Native?
Mobile app development has become a necessity as everyone owns a smartphone nowadays. They have become so popular that you can connect with the world while sitting in the comfort of your homes or offices. The need for interaction and virtual connection has risen to the extent that you can shop, socialize and run an eCommerce business all from the screen in your hands.

 Since Android and iOS utilize mobile apps, companies now look for mobile developers that can support both systems and create cross-platform apps. So, if you’re a current or aspiring mobile app developer, mastering a framework like React Native might be what you need to grow your career.

What Is React Native, and is its purpose?

React Native is a JavaScript-based framework. It’s commonly linked with React.js as they both use JavaScript as their computer language. Although, React.js is only a JavaScript library and not a framework like React Native.

You need to employ a  React Native development company so that the developers can program both Android and iOS-based apps. Instead of using different frameworks in mobile app development, they can use React Native. Using this framework and learning to design a mobile application helps mobile developers become more relevant. Various companies have now adopted React Native in their apps, so understanding this could pay off with a profitable career at one of the well-known companies detailed in this article.

Top Mobile Apps Built With React Native

With various large brands using React Native for their apps, you can rely on it with the utmost confidence. It's a framework that has constructed and supported the numerous social and service apps we have downloaded on our phones today.

Almost 1850 companies reportedly use React Native companies in their tech stacks, including Shopify, Instagram, and Delivery Hero. Let's look at some establishments that use React Native and why they chose it to develop their mobile applications.


Facebook is a well-renowned social networking app that could be considered one of the originals when they came up with the options of news feeds and sharing your posts and pictures with the world. The Facebook app, whether on IOS or Android, it is built on React Native.


Another social networking app, Instagram, has become more popular since it allows users to share their images and videos. In 2016, Instagram began to explore React Native development services to help its product development team release apps on the double.

They could speed up the repetition of a process, also known as the iteration process, through code sharing.
When Instagram converted its entire program to React Native, the main benefits they availed were the updated and developed process which increased the app's efficiency.


This is a significant convenience to travelers as it connects house owners to their potential clients looking for a place to stay. When Airbnb chose React Native for its app, it profited from using the code repetitively across various platforms. React Native also benefited the brand by rewriting and iterating some codes. Hence, Airbnb presently uses native development to meet its specific requirements.


Skype is one of the original apps designed for video chats. Back in 2017, Skype announced that it was working on React Native, and after that, all of its app's features and functions were built from scratch using React Native.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is one of the most recognized delivery apps in town and has been under the spotlight for quite some time. At first, UberEats was web-based and had some user experience problems. However, the development team had a lot of React.js but little to nothing with iOS or Android. Therefore in order to say in the market, they chose to rebuild the dashboard with React Native.

Ending Note
Building a cross-platform app in itself is very advantageous for businesses. You can build apps for Android and iOS using one code base, the developers can build the app faster, and the testing is easy. But many businesses hesitate to opt for cross-platform app development because they fear they will have to compromise the UI of the apps.

However, all the React Native  companies are mentioned here, and many more prove that you can get both; the efficiency of cross-platform and the near-native experience. Therefore, hire an expert for your React Native Development services to help you decide which framework is proper for you.
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