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Sustainability Campaign: Illustrated Outdoor Display
Sustainability Campaign
Princesshay and The Crown Estate

Illustration by Maggie Enterrios
Exeter outdoor shopping center with mural panels
The Brief

I was commissioned by The Traveller and the Bear to create nearly four hundred hand-illustrated botanicals and animals, which were were combined to create over 100 yards of storefront window displays. (Yes, the size of a football field!) ​​​​​​​
Close-up of panel illustration by Maggie Enterrios
The Vision

"[We’re] consuming way more than our fair share of the planet’s resources.
Which means our one and only home, Earth, could soon look very different.
But it’s not too late.
Small steps like bringing your reusable coffee cups or swapping the car to walk or cycle can make a world of difference to the health of our planet.
We can do more."
Located in Exeter, UK at the Princesshay shopping center, this behemoth of a mural is located in the heart of this vibrant city: an attraction to tourists, locals and commuters.

All individual elements were illustrated digitally by Maggie Enterrios and combined to create a massive tapestry, printed on vinyl hoarding coverings by Signs Express Exeter. 

Tools used: 
Adobe Photoshop​​​​​​​
Adobe Fresco

The final artwork took hundreds upon hundreds of hours and a team of multiple designers to execute. 

Illustrated by Maggie Enterrios
Design assistance: The Traveller and the Bear
See more of Maggie's work on instagram @littlepatterns
Sustainability Campaign: Illustrated Outdoor Display


Sustainability Campaign: Illustrated Outdoor Display

Sustainability for Princesshay and The Crown Estate, illustrated by Maggie Enterrios. Design by The Traveller and the Bear.