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LoanPlanet- Landing page

Case Study: LoanPlanet Landing Page Design
The Problem
LoanPlanet, a leading loan service company, was facing challenges with its online presence. The company's website is not effectively communicating its services and values to its customers. The user experience is not seamless, and the website's design does not align with the company's brand.
Understanding the Problem
To fully grasp the problem, it was necessary to delve into the specifics of LoanPlanet's operations, target audience, and brand identity. The company's primary goal is to provide a variety of loan options to its customers, but this is not being effectively communicated through its existing online platform. 
The current website is not user-friendly, and it was difficult for customers to find the information they needed.
- The main objectives for the project were:
- To create a landing page that effectively communicates LoanPlanet's services and values.
- To improve the user experience by making the website more intuitive and easy to navigate.
- To align the website's design with LoanPlanet's brand identity.
User Research
To ensure the design would meet the needs of LoanPlanet's customers, user research was conducted. This involved understanding the needs and behaviours of the company's target audience. The research revealed that users wanted a simple, straightforward way to understand the loan options available to them. They also valued clear, concise information and an easy-to-navigate website.
User Needs
LoanPlanet's users are individuals seeking financial assistance in the form of loans. Their needs include:

- Easy access to information about the different loan options available.
- Clear understanding of the terms and conditions associated with each loan option.
- A simple and straightforward application process.
- Assurance of secure and confidential handling of their personal and financial information.
Pain Points
The primary pain points for LoanPlanet's users were:

- Difficulty in finding and understanding information about the different loan options.
- A complex and time-consuming application process.
- Concerns about the security and confidentiality of their personal and financial information.
The main goals for LoanPlanet's users are:

- To find a loan option that best suits their financial needs.
- To understand the terms and conditions associated with the loan option.
- To complete the loan application process quickly and easily.
- To have their personal and financial information handled securely and confidentially.
Based on the understanding of the problem, the objectives, and the user research, a new landing page was designed using Figma and Adobe Photoshop. The landing page was designed to be user-friendly, with clear navigation and call-to-action buttons. The design also effectively communicated LoanPlanet's services and values, and aligned with the company's brand identity.
The landing page has been well-received by LoanPlanet and its customers. It has improved the company's online presence and has made it easier for customers to access easy loans and understand LoanPlanet's services. The landing page has also helped to increase customer engagement and conversion rates.
LoanPlanet- Landing page


LoanPlanet- Landing page