The 3 Concept for City Farmers
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The 3 Concept for City Farmers - 'Monthly Design Magazine'
May 2022 No.527 Agriculture Design
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In the May issue of "Design," Boud created a virtual brand named Project CNF under the theme of design for urban farmers. We designed 3 product design line.
Montly Design Magazine 'May 2022 No.527' 110p

The four values of Project CNF 

Flexible  Ideal for efficient use of time and space
Easy  Easy and convenient for anyone to use
Compact  Form and function harmony provides flexibility in use
Sustainable   Delivers sustainable values through eco-friendly materials

Partition Watering Can / Fit Basket / Pretzel Handle

Partition Watering Can
Watering Can + Toolbox​

People usually carry tools inside their watering can and leave them at home. Based on this behavior, BOUD has designed this product to combine urban farmers' watering cans and toolboxes.
The sprayer handle parts divide the inner area, making it easy to organize tools. It's also much easier to carry around.


Fit Basket
 A basket consistent with the body's curves

 A basket is indispensable when harvesting. Most are square-shaped to fit into trucks and warehouses. However, BOUD designed a curved basket that mirrors the curves of the human body, allowing more comfortable movement when harvesting.

Pretzel Handle
A handle that can be put on the ground or hung on the wall

Urban farmers mostly use hoses to water their plants. Yet, the handle of farming hoses is awkward to hang on the wall and quite impossible to stand on their own. They often fall on the floor, and the user has no option but to hold the dirty hose in their hands. A pretzel-inspired design solved the problem: It can be hung on the wall and placed on the floor so that the handle does not touch anything, solving the issues of existing products.

<On the process>

BOUD has added a new take to farming tools' original functions. More people can partake in this wave of going back to our natural, cultivating roots. Our design is not constrained by time and space, and anyone can easily use the Project CNF line. The flexible, effortless harmony between form and function provides a variety of pleasant farming experiences, even to the most novice users.

CNF Project

Apr 2022
Product Design : Won Jang, Jeongjin Ko
Brand Design : Hatty Lee, Jaehyun Choe, Sunwook Hwang

The 3 Concept for City Farmers
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