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Designed for the University of Alberta IDS 2014 exhibit, our objective was to showcase the beauty of a supposedly 'worthless' material- Beetle Kill Pine, or 'Blue' Pine. However, we wanted to break away from the traditional connotations of pine- a material often though of as either rustic or homely. We accomplished this through the development of a modern, esoteric form, featuring heavy, geometric forms are completely opposite to forms often used in wooden furniture today, but also remains balanced and coherant rough the contrasting profiles of the chair, with heavier and more geometric profile at the front and lighter, curved shapes on the sides.
As part of a larger exhibit of chairs showcasing Beetle Kill Pine, We wanted to showcase the qualities of the material in our piece. We decided on a heavier, more solid form with large surfaces which would allow for more attention to be brought to the properties inherent to the material, along with a sculptural design which helps draw viewer attention to the piece.
Pieces of the chair laminated and ready to be assembled.
One side of the seat before final assembly.
The chair assembled, and awaiting finishing.
The final prototype is composed of both Beetle Kill and regular pine, laminated and joined together. Careful attention was put into showcasing the best qualities of the beetle kill pine.
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