Rethinking iPadOS

With more power than ever before, iPad is in desperate need of a better operating system. Split view and slide over are no longer enough to turn iPad into a real computer. With the next version(s) of iPadOS, Apple should add new ways to use multiple apps at once as well as entirely new tools so that iPad can be used in more places.

Mission Control
The app switcher has been replaced with Mission Control. Now you can search all of your open apps and files. Apps are also organized by type. Full screen apps and pairings, slide over apps, and popover apps all live in their own sections. You can even launch a new app right from Mission Control.

Popover Apps
Slide your finger from the lower right corner of your iPad's display to access the popover app dial. Just select the app you want to open on top of other apps by lifting your finger. Then you can move the popover app window to any corner of the display. Users who love quick note can launch it directly from the popover app dial. 

New App Pairing Layouts
Open 3 or 4 apps side by side in a variety of different layouts. You can drag app icons around to areas of the display to place them or tap the multitasking indicator to select a layout.

The Dock
Just tap and hold or right click an app in the dock to see all of its open windows, move it into a new layout, or switch it to an external display. You can even close an app from the context menu.

Home Screen

Place Content Among Apps
Now you can place music, videos, podcasts, books, files, and folders right on the Home Screen alongside your apps and shortcuts. 

Stacks in the Dock
Place folders in the dock and open files from anywhere on your iPad. You can also move files around your iPad between apps more easily with drag and drop gestures.

More Easily Move Content
Drag and drop files from the web and more directly into folders in the dock to save them or move them to other apps.

Apple Pencil

Pencil Menu
Double tap your Apple Pencil and touch the display to open the new pencil menu. Select special options added by app developers or take a screenshot and mark it up. 


Studio Mode
Connect your iPad to an external display or use AirPlay to experience an all new desktop designed just for iPadOS. Place iPad apps anywhere you want, access your notifications, control center, and more all without touching your iPad.

New Apps​​​​​​​

Check your Apple Card balance, watch your transaction history, and view details of your passes available on your iPhone and Apple Watch.
See your health records, track your Apple Watch fitness activity, and share information with your family and doctor.
Open and annotate large images and documents, sign and fill out forms, and more with the all-new Preview app for iPad.
Search for terms using the built-in dictionary and thesaurus or search the web with Wikipedia for information on nearly any topic.
iPadOS Updates

iPadOS Updates


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