Haze with Tomek Makolski

Tomek Makolski collaborates with Recom Farmhouse to create full CGI staging for an evocative slice of 80s Vegas life.

Bored but ultra-glamorous, she stalks her enclosed world of a motel in purest yellow. The images are drenched in intense pastel yellows and blues, but below the surface gloss of this sunny palette, there’s tension in these moments out of time, a sense of detachment, drift and dream.

Why this solitary intermission in her life, just killing time?

Subtle cues in the setting hint at an ambivalent celebrity and faint, atmospheric menace.
Photographer: Tomek Makolski
Concept: Tomek Makolski & Michal Sek
Model: Ola Kowal / modelplus
Photographer’s Assistant: Adam Gocel
Make-up Artist: Adrian Swiderski
Hair artist: Patryk Nadolny
Stylist: Milena Bekalarska
Studio, equipment and support: Studio Tęcza

Recom Farmhouse Team:
Creative Director: Kate Brown / Recom Farmhouse London
CGI Artist: Marvin Lübke / Recom Farmhouse London
Post Artists: Kate Brown, Aljaz Bezjak / Recom Farmhouse London

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Haze with Tomek Makolski