• "iTie" is a fashion+technology concept design with multiple functionalities. It will replace all your ties with only one, freeing up a lot of closet space too. The iTie has a large flexible screen enabling you to browse, create and share thousands and thousands of patterns directly on the screen to fit any occasion. Changing your tie design with this wearable technology would now mean that you only have to swipe it with your finger and there you have it, in a second! It can be set on "stand by" mode as well, thus saving battery life.

    Of course, this is not the only purpose of the iTie, since it would use iOS and provide all the apps and multimedia right there on your iTie synced with any other Apple device that you might have. The "face" of the iTie's bottom part is envisioned as a fully covered flexible screen with a little camera. Imagine having a regular Skype conversation just by bending your tie. And would there ever be a cooler way to take a "selfie"?

    Not to mention how the iTie would also be a cool new "hands free" solution for making a phone call while driving or walking. These are just some of the many attractive features coming from this gadget that so successfully combines functionality and aesthetics.

    There is one more thing that would make for good marketing material - the iTie concept comes from Croatia - where the tie was actually invented! Isn't it time for the evolution of the tie to take the next step?

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