Sketches in Ink & Pencil

Jungle Themed Nursery Art
A mixed collection of Animal art using watercolor, India Ink, Pigma Micron & Pencil, framed and hung in Jungle Themed Nursery

Landscapes & Streets | Watercolor
Handful of watercolor paintings based on locations, last three are based on generic tutorials.

Watercolors From Tutorials
Walkthrough exercises from the Frugal Crafter on Youtube

Map Project 
Fantasy Maps created with Copics and Micron Archival Ink pens.

Lordaelyn Penrose | Dungeons & Dragons
As part of our first D&D campaign, I drew several character art & the maps of many of the cities from her backstory

Photo Restoration | Photoshop
Pen and Pencil

Pen and Pencil

Ink and pencil drawings.