Momo Live Gift - Roaming the Myster
3D Motion
LIVE Gifts
Mysterious relics in the Jungle
This illustration is made by '瘦骨'. it depicts a story about a mysterious jungle adventure
There are 6 gifts split from the main visual, match with 6 live gifts of varied price.
With the increase in the amount of live gifts, you will be able to encounter all kinds of plants / exotic birds / furry deer / mysterious relics, etc.​​​​​​​
In rendering, the overall apply of color is first performed to ensure the uniformity of the picture.
Use sp software to depict key details and generate Intelligent material for the reuse in other live gifts

Creative Director:野狗富贵
3D leading artist:梁白开
Concept Artist:瘦骨
3D Animation:Zhen Zhou/筒子阁下 / Lin X / 张嘉文 / 樂LE X
3D model rendering:梁白开/一碗雷

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Momo Live Gift - Roaming the Myster
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野 狗富贵