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EYEDENTITY: Exploring Fears
A series of portraits inspired by unspoken fears

Personal fears are usually difficult to talk about. Their variety, obscurity and originality is endless. Yet the interesting thing about fear is that it only exists in the mind of the one who experiences it. Once it is faced, accepted, and talked about, its power fades. However, in most cases, fears are not fully dealt with. They remain hidden inside and almost nurtured by their hosts. 

I was inspired to talk to different people about their fears, and incorporate this theme in a series of portraits, using a single visual symbol to illustrate it. The images by themselves explore the relationship between the fear and the host. The wording of the fear is an additional element graciously provided by the participants. In the end, how this experiment is interpreted is up to the viewer alone.

Desislava Ivanova / Engineering student and art enthusiast
"I'm afraid that no matter how hard I try, I might always have the soul of a follower."

Ivaylo Essenov / IT support and photography enthusiast
"I'm afraid of the degradation of society and the lack of morals in our political leaders."

Dessislava Zheleva / Bookstore manager and author
"I'm afraid of fading out."

Plamen Pechin / Marketeer and musician 
"I'm afraid of changing to the point where I can no longer recognize myself."

Diana Stoykova / Translator and scriptwriter
"I'm afraid of airplanes, while my greatest dream is to travel the world."

Bobby Petrov / Digital media expert and writer
"I'm afraid of the lack of meaning."

Emanuela Belovarski / Art director
"I'm afraid of the power the past has over our present."

Yordan Dzherekarov / Veterinarian and gamer
"I'm afraid of untimely death."

Antoaneta Grunova / Dermatologist 
"I've got a fear of heights."

Ivaylo Petrov / Photographer
"I'm afraid of sudden changes."

Concept & Art Direction: Emanuela Belovarski

Photography: Ivaylo Petrov

Post-Prod. & Retouching: Emanuela Belovarski

Our thanks go out to all participants.

EYEDENTITY: Exploring Fears

EYEDENTITY: Exploring Fears

A personal project exploring the relationship between people and their fears


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