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    The second volume of minimalist movie posters, this time inspired on modern classics.
Minimalist Movie Posters Vol. II
Months ago, I updated a first volume with minimalist posers inspirared by the iconography of classic movies, now for this second volume is turn of modern movies, but this time I make this collection inspired by the subjective personal concepts as a conclusion of the movies, is not just a graphic exercise. Please enjoy it!
"When a talent can be the only scape"
The Pianist by Roman Polanski
"The power of the symbols can change the order of things"

V for Vendetta, by James McTeigue
"The world as a competition to see who gest the highest"
The Social Network, by David Fincher
"In our road, the evil and the good always is a choice"
The Dark Knight, by Christopher Nolan
"The freedom is an attitude"
Django Unchained, by Quentin Tarantino
"The madness of defeat"
Der Untergang, by Oliver Hirschbiegel
"The inestability between our inner world and the reality"
Inception, by Christopher Nolan
"The life is an endless road, in a trip with our favorite people"
Little Miss Sunshine, by Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris
"Even the most distant hope, can change everything"
Wall-E, by Andrew Stanton
"The technology can build and fix dreams"
Hugo, by Martin Scorsese