– table line for Ragaba
The design of the Cells table line was inspired by the soft, bionic forms of blood cells in our bodies. Difficult experiences during the pandemic have made some of us take a new look at our homes, verifying if we feel good in them or what can be improved to benefit our well-being as well. 

Interiors are still dominated by sharp angles and straight lines it is because simple forms are often easier to produce, transport and, as a result, to receive. But it is round shapes and lines that are much more pleasant to feel – they are natural and soothing for humans. Unusual form, with irregular, soft shapes, are still quite rare. The popularity of rectangular tops is very often due to the nature of production, transportation, store and their optimalization.

When designing the form of the legs for the Cells tables, we applied a production method using post-production waste from MDF boards, in this way we could give a second life to a material, which would be treated as a waste in a normal production process. 

Designed in 3 heights, the Cells tables will prove useful not only as a dining table but also as a kitchen island or office table. The design is dedicated to all those who, in addition to looking at the product, also want to experience it and feel it – the version finished in matt varnish uses a technologically advanced lacquer that repairs damage itself, so the user does not have to worry about fingerprints or scratches on the tabletop.

design: Wiktoria Lenart
photo: Bartek Sadowski
producer: Ragaba

CELLS – tables


CELLS – tables


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