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Strig mini is a massage product that combines microcurrent and microvibration. Strig mini is the optimized version of Strig Pro that we developed before and is designed with a lighter texture, color, and mass production. In addition, the weight has been greatly reduced, so it has been developed with a concept that allows you to easily and simply massage the parts you want anytime, anywhere, such as home, gym, and office.

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The strig mini has tried many different things to fit ergonomic sizes, and as a result, it has been introduced to users in a size that is 15 percent smaller than the traditional strig pro. Designed for optimal grip and lighter weight, it never misses the symbolism of strig and borrows it. Sensory patterns and streamlined blades can also be seen in strig mini.

Consideration for mass production

The overall number of parts was optimized to reduce the unit price, and the existing metal die casting manufacturing method was changed to injection method to improve mass production. By changing to injection method, we were able to design more various edges and curves, and more bold colors than strig pro could be planned.

For user experience

We design in consideration of the user's usage environment. I've also been thinking about where to put the product even when I'm not using it. The strig mini provides a neat way to organize the product using a cradle, and always charges it in advance to prevent discharge even when the cradle is placed.

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Strig Mini Smart Massager