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    Intro/preview to future FOG CLEARING project. Fog lifting in the Wilkes-Barre Kingston area at the Susquehanna River. **would like some input … Read More
    Intro/preview to future FOG CLEARING project. Fog lifting in the Wilkes-Barre Kingston area at the Susquehanna River. **would like some input for 1 photo: WHICH DO YOU LIKE BETTER? ** The final project will be an informal documentation of the bridge, courthouse, etc., as the sun burns through, lifting the fog. Man-made architecture and nature combined, creating a beautiful morning. Read Less
                                                    WHICH DO YOU LIKE BETTER?                                                          
 The VERTical  viewwhere you see the sun location above, adding more contrast?
 The HORIZontal viewwith more of a sense of receding space, being led back by the streetlamps at the right?
I like both photographs for different reasons.  
I’d like to settle on one only for my upcoming “FOG CLEARING” project.
The other views will include:
***   the Market Street Bridge (ducks came by to get in on one shot),
***   Luzerne County courthouse,
***   Wilkes-Barre skyline beyond the river (boys were having fun at River Common),
***   Scenic photographs, some with a surprising amount of color,
***   Close-up details of the foliage, with detailed  images of the mist droplets (see photo at the end).
The 2 photos above are of the Market Street Bridge, looking towards Wilkes-Barre. 

January 15,2014  ---  It was a cold, very foggy morning, not as frigid as the unusual cold spell we’ve been getting this season. This day was going to be a relatively “warm” day; the temperature was normal - high in the 30’sF. 
I went to Nesbitt Park, on the West side of the Susquehanna River in Luzerne County, Kingston, PA. http://goo.gl/maps/EIvo8
       There was no sun visible around 10AM, since the fog was such a thick blanket covering the Wyoming Valley. There was an almost eerie yet stimulating calm and quiet feeling, down among  the natural trees, leaves, and a scurrying squirrel, along the river. The traffic hurrying across the bridge above me seemed far away, muffled through the mist.
        I have many lovely compositions, making editing more difficult. There will be Before  views (early, before the sun starts shining through, burning away the fog), and After (later, ending at 11:30AM), where you will see differences in the atmosphere and depth that the eye can see, more clarity and contrast, and reflections of the sun on buildings and droplets of water beading on branches and weeds, even some blue sky above. 
Amazing how beautiful a weed can be!!
In “MISTY JEWEL" , miniscule droplets are poised at the ends of the many stringy strands of a natural grass flower? or head?, and some had pooled together at the bottom of the drooping head… dangling like a jewel on a necklace, shining from the reflections of the emerging sun, so heavy with moisture that it’s almost ready to drop to the ground.

Here’s a closeup shot of the grasses, this one with a darker more-contrasting background than in 
"Misty Jewel” , which is already available at: http://www.christina-verdgeline.artistwebsites.com